Designed a logo that would invoke the spirit of Australia. selected a colour pallet to  align to evocative  australian colours. text logo and image of logos designed to be used together and independently.
designed a contemporary black theme with unique Australian wildlife imagery. a number of endangered animal images created with rust like style. outback illustrations and animations follow the style of the website.
Partner | Cyber Risk Strategy and Governance
Deloitte Risk Advisory Pty Ltd
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu 
As the founders of BEATS – Biodiversity, Endangered and Threatened Species, we approached Vin for assistance at the very outset of our journey.
Vin has guided us along our digital path and provided technical assistance and support. The first step was about bringing clarity and meaning to our brand and ultimately our logo. This required understanding and agreement of what we wanted to represent and portray. Vin’s guidance extended beyond the conceptual to assisting the team collaborate on digital platforms such as Miro and driving consensual outcomes - always a challenge when working with volunteers. His focus on simplicity with results helped navigate the team through a range of challenges, avoiding the usual paralysis that comes from too many people with too many ideas and not enough action.
Vin has also assisted us on our website development, extending our brand and templates throughout to achieve consistency of the visuals, the messaging and the overall look and feel that delivers a result we are all incredibly proud of. His artwork and use of colour has captured the essence of what we wanted to portray and depict a haunting yet beautiful cast of characters that represent the flora and fauna we are all so passionate about.
Possibly Vin’s greatest contribution has been his mentorship of the team in all things digital. What tools we should use, what platforms we should leverage, what’s needed now as opposed to the future as we expand. Most importantly as a not for profit, Vin has guided us on what we don’t need and how best to take full advantage of fit for purpose pricing options.
Without Vin’s guidance, persistence and drive and his genuine enthusiasm for what we are wanting to achieve, we would still be at the conceptual stage discussing what could be! He makes thing happen.
Tommy Viljoen 
Partner | Cyber Risk Strategy and Governance
Deloitte Risk Advisory Pty Ltd

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