Allan Johnson and Marie Johnson, the creators of the Digital Human Cardiac / Health Coach are looking to change the world with the exceptional IP they have made available for digital humans. We collaborated to capture the essence of a complex story -  the scourge of heart disease and how health illiteracy is currently resulting in far more deaths than necessary.  We've  tried to convey their message on the real potential of digital coaches if done the right way - with the right corpus of knowledge of cardiovascular disease and an understanding of the patients they will servce.
"Early on in our difficult journey with heart disease a wise young person said to Allan that “when you are ready, a teacher will find you”.  Over the past 15 years many people have opened their hearts and minds to us and we have learnt so much from them.  Not just how to improve our own lives but how to help others living with chronic disease.  
In May 2020 year we released all of our IP on how to codesign, build and deploy digital human health coaches onto GitHub so that the hundreds of smart young people evolving this new field of human-machine conversation could use for free what we had created.
How though, to express in a simple form the essence of the problem and the solution, so that our message and materials could be fully understood and utilised.  As in so many times before on our journey, a teacher found us. 

Inspired by what he had read about our journey, Vin approached Marie with an idea on how to spread our message far and wide.  What he has created for us encapsulates what it means to be a heart patient and caregiver, and the many additional difficulties faced by women, people with disability, and diverse cultural groups, and gives hope for the future.

Vin’s creative use of imagery and spoken word, presented using a powerful storyline, captures the emotional journey that patients and caregivers experience, and articulates in simple terms how digital technologies, powered by co-design and lived experience, can enable patients to live with dignity. 

Vin’s power as a storyteller broke through the complexity of the life journey of millions of heart patients.  We can’t thank him enough for what he has done for us."

Allan Johnson and Marie Johnson
Creators, Digital Human Cardiac / Health Coach 
Centre for Digital Business

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