It uses storytelling and describe the challenges facing enterprises embarking on digital disruption, architects and skills gap and service providers needing to move up the value chain. It highlights CC&C's unique value proposition as a global training and advisory firm. 
The challenge with this video was how to explain quite complex concepts of the issues faced by enterprises, architects and service providers in a way that was compelling and would want them to reach out to CC&C Solutions. 

As the founder and CEO of CC and C Solutions,  a global strategy and architecture consulting and training organization, I commissioned Vinod to produce a video that told the story of our clients and their challenges and how we could support them through their journeys.
 Vinod collaborated closely with us, quickly produced a script, narration, video and visual effects. Vinod used his multiple talents, his broad understanding of technology, enterprise architecture to produce a targeted inspirational video that we will use as part of our rebranding and help us reach new markets.
Vinod was a delight to work with, very flexible, communicated regularly through the creative process and also provided assistance outside the scope of his brief. I would highly recommend Vinod  if you are thinking of telling the story of your firm or need help in the digital space.  

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