Group Director
ITD Teaching and Learning Experience
NSW Department of Education
Vinod is an outstanding talent that helped the Department with fresh thinking on large, complex digital transformation programs. He is a skilled design thinking practitioner and has the ability to break complexity into a series of easy-to-understand challenges and articulate them in a way that cuts through with audiences at all levels. I have used the artefacts that Vin created in presentations with Education CIOs across Australia and New Zealand and have been able to gain agreement on common problems to be solved.
“Vinod has then taken these challenges, and through his facilitation of workshops, transformed them into a program of work with multiple streams, and project increments, as well as associated team structures. Vin's approach challenged our thinking and gave us new tools and approaches in strategy as well as delivery. I look forward to the next time we have the chance to work together.
Tommy Viljoen
Cyber Risk Strategy and Governance
Deloitte Risk Advisory Pty Ltd
As the founders of BEATS – Biodiversity, Endangered and Threatened Species, we approached Vin for assistance at the very outset of our journey.
Vin has guided us along our digital path and provided technical assistance and support. The first step was about bringing clarity and meaning to our brand and ultimately our logo. This required understanding and agreement of what we wanted to represent and portray. Vin’s guidance extended beyond the conceptual to assisting the team collaborate on digital platforms such as Miro and driving consensual outcomes - always a challenge when working with volunteers. His focus on simplicity with results helped navigate the team through a range of challenges, avoiding the usual paralysis that comes from too many people with too many ideas and not enough action.
Vin has also assisted us on our website development, extending our brand and templates throughout to achieve consistency of the visuals, the messaging and the overall look and feel that delivers a result we are all incredibly proud of. His artwork and use of colour has captured the essence of what we wanted to portray and depict a haunting yet beautiful cast of characters that represent the flora and fauna we are all so passionate about.
Possibly Vin’s greatest contribution has been his mentorship of the team in all things digital. What tools we should use, what platforms we should leverage, what’s needed now as opposed to the future as we expand. Most importantly as a not for profit, Vin has guided us on what we don’t need and how best to take full advantage of fit for purpose pricing options.
Without Vin’s guidance, persistence and drive and his genuine enthusiasm for what we are wanting to achieve, we would still be at the conceptual stage discussing what could be! He makes thing happen.
Tommy Viljoen 
Partner | Cyber Risk Strategy and Governance
Deloitte Risk Advisory Pty Ltd
Dr Michael E Mann

Vinod collaborated with me to produced three animated videos to help promote the release of my new book – The New Climate War.
Two were closely aligned to my book cover and a much more creative and dramatic version.
I loved his work and would recommend others consider reaching out to him if they need some animated videos!
Allan Johnson and Marie Johnson
Creators, Digital Human Cardiac / Health Coach 
Centre for Digital Business
Early on in our difficult journey with heart disease a wise young person said to Allan that “when you are ready, a teacher will find you”.  Over the past 15 years many people have opened their hearts and minds to us and we have learnt so much from them.  Not just how to improve our own lives but how to help others living with chronic disease.  
In May 2020 year we released all of our IP on how to codesign, build and deploy digital human health coaches onto GitHub so that the hundreds of smart young people evolving this new field of human-machine conversation could use for free what we had created.
How though, to express in a simple form the essence of the problem and the solution, so that our message and materials could be fully understood and utilised.  As in so many times before on our journey, a teacher found us. 
Inspired by what he had read about our journey, Vin approached Marie with an idea on how to spread our message far and wide.  What he has created for us encapsulates what it means to be a heart patient and caregiver, and the many additional difficulties faced by women, people with disability, and diverse cultural groups, and gives hope for the future.
Vin’s creative use of imagery and spoken word, presented using a powerful storyline, captures the emotional journey that patients and caregivers experience, and articulates in simple terms how digital technologies, powered by co-design and lived experience, can enable patients to live with dignity. 
Vin’s power as a storyteller broke through the complexity of the life journey of millions of heart patients.  We can’t thank him enough for what he has done for us.​​

As the founder and CEO of CC and C Solutions,  a global strategy and architecture consulting and training organization, I commissioned Vinod to produce a video that told the story of our clients and their challenges and how we could support them through their journeys.
 Vinod collaborated closely with us, quickly produced a script, narration, video and visual effects. Vinod used his multiple talents, his broad understanding of technology, enterprise architecture to produce a targeted inspirational video that we will use as part of our rebranding and help us reach new markets.
Vinod was a delight to work with, very flexible, communicated regularly through the creative process and also provided assistance outside the scope of his brief. I would highly recommend Vinod  if you are thinking of telling the story of your firm or need help in the digital space.  
Rabbi Mendel Kastel OAM
CEO, Jewish House
Rabbinic Fellow, The Great Synagogue, Sydney
Commissioner, National Mental Health Commission

I have known Vin for several years as he led teams in several social impact hackathons with great passion and enthusiasm.
Vin has volunteered with Jewish House: using his knowledge of design thinking to provide feedback to our Mend app, organised a group of DELOITTE staff to volunteer in their time on Impact Day and most recently working closely with me using his knowledge of Python, big data tools and open data to create a list of homelessness related service providers that we are updating to become to go to master list of services in the state.
Vinod, is someone who thinks outside the box and always has fresh insights to share. I am always attracted to work with people with a high ethical frame and social conscience - Vinod ticks both boxes. Strategic thinking, CI/CD, story telling and designing an open architecture integration platform are some of assignments where he excelled while reporting to me.
Vinod RalH is one of the most passionate and committed individuals I have ever worked with ... he brings a rare mix of technology nous, can-do attitude and great communication skills to every situation. Vin combines his insight into innovation approaches, cloud services and financial services to his clients, always putting it in the context of their business and the associated opportunity. Vin has been exceptional in driving the finest Hackathon I have ever participated in, bringing together business, technical and creative teams, from interns to senior Execs, to take ideas from an initial concept to a fully baked solution in just two (long) days. His energy, commitment and attitude are second to none.
Vin worked with my Innovation team though 2015 on Westpac's payments hackathon. His ownership, hard word driving through organisation barriers, fun, thoughtfulness etc were critical to its success. It was a one of our major events and in fact the first hackathon held in the Hive, our Innovation Centre. Vin also helped again with the planning of our blockchain workshop, attended by 200 people and again his contribution was much valued.
I have known Vin for quite a few years across a couple of organisations I have worked for. In a work environment , the topics may have been wide and varied, ranging from Business Process, Integration, Cloud, the uptake of externalising internal IP in the forms of APIs and lately , new technologies , however, Vin always brings a complete and logical picture to any conversation. When you leave a conversation with Vin, you know you have been given information of value, satisfying even if that means questioning some of your existing thoughts and processes. Those conversations always come with wit and authenticity. A good ambassador for himself and his company, all round top bloke. 
Vinod and I worked closely together to promote the adoption of SOA patterns and technologies at major corporate and government clients across Australia and New Zealand. Vin's passion and energy for solving complex business process/integration problems for our clients for surpassed only by his technical authority and intellect. It was a sheer pleasure working with Vin and I hope we will get another opportunity to work together in the coming years. 
Vin has been a pleasure to work with at IBM Australia since early 2015. We collaborated to build and operate a Ripple-enabled cross-border payments pilot for a major Australian bank. Vin brought an IBM team together to help achieve this quickly and smoothly, with the software hosted by IBM on Softlayer and IBM Bluemix. We then needed to quickly develop a mobile app to demonstrate Ripple at SIBOS in Singapore in October 2015. Vin was again the lead from IBM to work with the Ripple team to get this built, hosted and operational in record time! This live remittance demonstration was shown concurrently at the bank, IBM and Ripple stalls. Vin also met and worked with our Head of Engineering in San Francisco and the IBM team to foster communications and remove potential roadblocks between all parties. I wish Vin well in all his endeavours!
Vinod Ralh is an innovative Technical Sales professional. He is excellent at developing deep client relationships and becoming a trusted advisor. Vinod has skills across a broad landscape of technology, including SOA, BPM, Cloud and Integration. Vinod contributed significantly to growing our BPM business in Australia & New Zealand.
Vinod is one of those individuals that is able to find potential opportunities in the noise where others might've overlooked it, since it looked like work and was covered in mud. For example, the guy saw a partnership opportunity with IBM + Westpac that others missed because it required a lot of work and it wasn't conventional thinking. In today's rapid business world that is ever evolving, you need people like Vinod that don't think conventionally. I.e. He is a Wild Duck! He managed and drove success at WestPac in their largest hackathon to date. He became a thought leader at IBM in Blockchain before it was popular and even took that knowledge and helped customers. In less than a month of learning the technology, the guy was organizing a 200 person event to help identify and solve a Fortune 500 Financial Services Firm's challenges with Blockchain. You cannot teach his ability and skill. And lastly, he personally mentored me at IBM in the ways of hackathons and the art of storytelling. Which at IBM, he became known for as, can you guess it? A thought leader on Innovative ways in solving business challenges in the Financial Sector and beyond, I.e. hackathons and custom tailored workshops. Any company lucky enough to have him will see exponential growth in their company morale, employees' knowledge and education, and bottom line. But hey, instead of taking my view of him, why not see for yourself. Send him a message on LinkedIn. You won't regret it. 
Vinod is someone who I have worked with for many years on challenging projects in various industry domains. He can always be counted on to deliver successful outcomes for customers and is someone who provokes new approaches to doing things. He takes time to understand both business and technical concepts and is very passionate about his work. Many times over he has proven himself as an asset and differentiator in teams
Vin has designed and led a number of significant "sprints" and business development concepts that I have been involved in; his insights, energy and ability to lead are incendiary as is his ability to pull together a team to effect the agreed outcome. I've been impressed not only in his understanding and depth of knowledge of FSI concepts and systems, but also his ability to lead a project across other industries including (as an example) Healthcare. He also has a keen and disarming sense of humour which never ceases to delight. Having an amazing wit, intellect and team leading and participation skills I'd crawl over broken glass for the opportunity to work with this guy, and recommend you do the same 

Vinod brings enthusiasm and dedication along with the customers best interests to any assignment. Working with Vinod is always satisfying as he is focused on results and getting the best possible outcome. His attitude along with the ability to think outside the square and being able to apply his IT knowledge make him a valuable member of any team.
Vinod Rahl is just a pleasure to work with, he is forward thinking, articulate and has a unique mix of business and technology acumen to address the evolving business landscape of recent times. I have personally worked with Vinod; his sense of humor, eye for detail and ability to articulate ideas makes him a rare commodity and fun to work with. I personally think he is an asset to our organization. 
Vinod Ralh is a highly competent and effective Enterprise Architect. His has in-depth knowledge of a broad range of technologies including SOA, BPM and mobile. Vin’s approach to solutions is holistic and integrated. It demonstrates his ability to balance architectural ideals and business imperatives. He is a lateral thinker and is passionate about developing new and innovative ways of addressing the business and technology challenges he is tasked to deal with. Vin is very extremely-focused and is commited to addressing his customer’s concerns appropriately. Vin has strong communication and inter-personal skills which has greatly facilitated his ability to build strong networks with other high-achieving individuals like himself. It has been my pleasure to work with Vin over the past 2 years and I look forward to working with him on new endeavours in future.
Vinod has always been very knowledgable and provided great insights and recommendations. He is a leader and expert in his field.
Vin has an unique ability to combine his extensive technical experience in the SOA/BPM domain with a great understanding of how our clients can achieve the best business outcomes. He will always focus on business value - the underlying technology is just an enabler.
Vinod is an acclaimed SOA Leader in the AsiaPacific geo-cluster. We have worked on multiple engagements for leading CSPs. I have been particularly impressed with his dexterity in researching a subject matter in thorough detail, having an excellent understanding of SOA and most importantly an inherent capability to deliver a complete solution to a client demonstrating an in-depth knowledge of the IBM WebSphere product stack and a multitude of industry best practices in varied domains. Vinod is a very passionate and dedicated consultant, who thrives on his client's successes and continually transcends levels in building excellent relationships with business stakeholders, delivering a compelling and provocative solution to seal the deal. A true team player, he leads by example and works collaboratively with his business partners to build and deliver market-leading solutions, positioning us amongst industry leaders with a winning edge. Working with Vinod is a pleasure and I look forward to several more opportunities to partner with him and build excellent value propositions servicing the Telecom Industry. I would highly recommend Vinod to our valued clients.
As the IBM Software Group Lead for SOA architecture, Vinod focused with me on working on the key accounts in Melbourne for IBM during the past years. Vin has been leading major transformation projects across the key accounts in the region and is seen a thought leader by our customers. He is extremely passionate about exceeding customer outcomes and is seen, by our customers and system integrators, as a trusted advisor in all architecture and strategic discussions. He is a great leader of teams with a drive seldom seen in our business. I am sure we will see Vin doing more great things in his field. I would recommend Vinod to anyone who needs to deliver results. He is simply a great guy to work with!
Vin is one of the best technical resources inside IBM and we're blessed hes part of the Cloud Business Unit. He has the rare ability to have high level discussions at the C-Level as well as lead deep technical conversations helping lead to positive outcomes for our clients. Absolutely recommend him.
Vinod is a strong architect who relates well to clients at technical and business levels. In working with Vin to close a number of enterprise software sales I have been consistently impressed by his focus, effort and commitment to client success. Vin has potential to succeed in a wide range of sales related roles.
I have found Vinod to be one of the most effective and knowledgeable architects I have had the pleasure to work with. Despite his deep knowledge of architecture, he is also highly pragmatic, understanding the processes and necessities of project deliveries. This is a rare and valuable combination. I would leap at the opportunity to work with Vinod again, should the need arise.
Vinod is one of the most capable architects I know - he continues to think out of the box and his architect skills are polished and honed - he always gains the confidence of the client and works diligently in the creation of innovative solutions to their requirements.
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