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The baby boomers are getting older, and will stay older for longer. And they will run right into the dementia firing range. How will a society cope? Especially a society that can't so readily rely on those stable family relationships that traditionally provided the backbone of care?  - Terry Prachett

Mental Health for Startups

I have a lot of illnesses. I don’t talk about it much, for a variety of reasons. I feel ashamed to have an illness. (It sounds absurd, but there still is an enormous stigma around being sick.) I don’t want to use being ill as an excuse. 
- Aaron Swartz, Co-founder Reddit & creator of RSS. Committed suicide in 2013 at 26 years old.

Getting on the chain gang - Westpac Blockhack16

An event that was two days in its execution but many months in the planning provided fourteen eager teams, Westpac and its partners a unique and fruitful opportunity to have a glimpse of future, a view of the art of the possible, perhaps sometimes improbable with Blockchain.


"It's too easy to turn to crime as a way to survive. To turn to drugs and alcohol to mask the pain." - Dwaine & Ozone

What I learnt as a mentor and part of facilitation team for a big data hackathon with ANZ Bank and UNSW

"Experts often possess more data than judgment" - Colin Powell (KIND OF IRONIC IN HINDSIGHT)
"In youth and beauty - wisdom is but rare!" Homer

Pitch perfect - the art and science of pitching

"All great speakers were bad speakers at first". ― Ralph Waldo Emerson
"People have forgotten how to tell a story. Stories don't have a middle or end anymore. They usually have a beginning that never stops beginning" - Steven Spielberg

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