let's get real about black lives

Let's call it what it is - institutionalised racism and bigotry directed at black people, a complete disregard of the sanctity of human life, the increasing militarisation of a police force, the growth of fascism and the rise of and increasingly authoritarian regime and of course increased political corruption.
Is it any wonder that protests are taking place across the United States, not just for the cold bloodied murder George Floyd but for lifetimes of subjugation of a entire race of people, starting with slavery in 1619 when 20 African slaves were first brought to Jamestown, Virginia.


Oh the places you'll go.

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The Voiceless

The voiceless

How do we use open data to cut through layers of faceless bureaucracy that are impossible for the most disadvantaged to navigate?
Has the pendulum swung too far protecting citizens that we don't enable them and are real missing opportunities to make their lives better?
Can we put government data sets in the hands of its citizens and enable them to share it with 3rd parties with their consent?

Hear no coal. Say no coal. See no coal.

An Australian Romance

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