31st December NSW Bushfires

For too long we’ve sat imperiously on the fence
Now we find ourselves singed and scarred by fire
Ash continually falls
A remnant of the past
Smoke filling our lungs
As we draw a pained morning breath
While our silent gaze tries to penetrate that unnatural haze
In stillness to view a blackened surround
That’s become today’s Australia

Our bankrupt dogmatic politicians
A little more uncomfortable each day
Reeking of their intransigence
Refusing to be swayed
Logical arguments batted away
By their righteous indignation
A bankrupt and wretched moral code 
Where their slights of hand 
Can no longer obfuscate 

Our chorus is finally finding its voice
A brotherhood of common man
With each passing day
Coming together and growing stronger 
An audience finally found
Realisation dawning
Of endless horror ahead 
With no end in sight

Time for action 
We demand
Lack of imagination is no excuse
Time to put petty ideologies aside
For the tipping point has been reached
And passed
And we have failed the test
To care for our children 
Our obligations as stewards of this land
And consigned our ignominious  place in history

We are now on that slippery path
On our way down 
A shadowy abyss awaits
Time to act
Time at least
To minimise the impact of our fall
Time to get off that rickety fence
Before we too turn into ash
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