Do you think 
Because you do not see
Do not feel it
That it’s not 
Our nation’s heritage?
That it’s not 
Truly here?

But I do
For I know it 
For I feel its brunt
Since birth
Its macabre company
Intertwined for life.

You remain oblivious
For it does not touch you
Its parts to let you pass
But not for me
Tentacles reach out 
Grab and ensnare .

I feel in in my core 
When you say Abbo
Or Paki, Lebbo,
Muslim, Nigger, Chink
Or pull a face in mockery.

I hear it in remarks
Of politicians knowingly 
Pandering to constituents 
Debasing themselves
I see in greetings
In that spontaneous instant 
Unwitting reactions 
In micro-gestures 
A slight double take
In wary eyes
As try not to stare.

Do not think 
We are blind
To this oppression
Do not think 
That we agree
With the status quo
Your expectations
For a nice nice voice.

Do not cause trouble
Do not ruffle features
Fit in
Be a nice boy
A good boy
Nod your head
Know your station
Be silent
Be a parody 
Of a middle class white man.

But I never did learn
To speak as you
Your etiquette
Politely looking down
From a boys club 
I will never belong to 
My lack of social niceties
I’m from a 
Different part of town

Do you think 
I’ve forgotten those times?
As a young child
Day after day
My daily punishment
Forced to stand in a brown line up.
Relegated to comedy?

Teachers willfully 
Ignoring our shame
Our lot in life 
Antipathy and ignorance
The order for the day.

Do you think I’ve forgotten?
With others of colour 
Bullied and tormented
By young fascists

The shame and humiliation
Unable to bare the truth
To my own parents.
The least I could do 
To spare them anguish
The least I could do
To gift them

But I grew up resilient 
I had no choice
One ceiling I broke though
Though many others remain.
Don’t you know
It affected me 
Help set in my life’s trajectory
Set me afloat
How I response to the world
I do not accept racist attitudes
Or platitudes
I am impatient for change
Not delay or bullshit.

And to you racists
Growing in number
Wallowing in ignorance
Eyes closed to justice
Well fuck you
And your disdain.

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