Forgive me
For I fear
We will stumble
We will fall
For our species
Has proven
Is incapable of more.
We trip over our own excesses
Without recognising our indulgences
Frame an equation without countenance
Our regard
It weighs
In favour of our privilege .
Lifting our gaze imperiously
From a bloody floor
We pick ourselves up
Squeezing out a breath so painfully
Heaving with all our might
Turning to sneer at those miscreants
Our poor undeserving brethren
The invisible
For on their backs
As always
We will
Unashamedly crawl.
Our eyes fixated on futures past
Illusions born from papering thin walls
A denial of our own morality
Our impending inescapable mortality
A consequence for all to bear.
There is no fairytale ending here
Blind optimism
Wishful thinking
Will make no difference
We will deny all truth
And with our ever so selfish acts
Our world inevitably
Tragically disintegrates
Until our very end.
Inevitably temperatures rise
Destroying all that is society
Satisfied with the consequence
Of our inaction
We party on
Why not?
To the very end.
As long
As if
At the very last
That gasp
So final
To draw
Is ours
Not theirs
At the very end.
Forgive me
For our inevitable extinction
Is the only rationale scientific conclusion
For within a 100 years
Civilisation as we know it
Will surely end.
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