6th July 2020
Both our major political parties need to move away from the false equivalency of household debt and the ephemeral federal deficit. Thatcher’s and Regan's true legacy has been in delivering an ideology that bamboozled the masses and consigned generations to poverty.

As a country we will continue to fumble our way into the future, only every partially living up to our potential, failing to tackle mass unemployment, skills for the future, poor infrastructure, environmental policies that fail to address climate change and a health and well-being safety net with holes too large to catch the most disadvantaged in our nation.

Unless of course both parties change their simplistic jingo's, a false narrative that fiscal discipline requires that we must spend only what we gained in taxes and take heed of modern monetary theory. We have a sovereign currency, there is little outlook of inflation, and we have a pressing need that requires courage and foresight. It's time for both political parties to put the ideologies of yesteryear aside.

Jobseeker should stay 'stronger for longer' for those excluded from other payments, report says

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