SAG PANEER is an Indian staple.  here's my modern take using baby spinach leaves that's quicker to cook.
one of the keys with Indian cooking is take your time at the first stage.
Cut up a couple of brown onions - I've used three here, with some oil and butter and slowly cooked them until they carameliSe.
That brings out a wonderful sweetness.
then add some minced garlic.
I like lots of garlic.. until it oozes out of my pores :) I won't say how much as my wife will read this and no doubt object... so choose an amount that suits you.
Use real garlic and not the bleached kind.
i've also cut up some spring onions to give it some complexity.
i grew up seeing my mum intuitively throw in different spices and i do the same.
So feel free to experiment with different variations of the following powders and seeds:
turmeric, garam masala, cumin seeds, paprika, coriander, sesame seeds, cinnamon sticks.
maybe start with  two teaspoons and move up from there as you acquire your own tastes.
with chilLi add powdered or my preference fresh variations here dependent on how much you think you can handle. it adds a lot of depth to a dish... so go on its worth it.
note for white folks, probably put in twice as much as you're thinking. the age of women's own cookbooks has past and we have moved into a new age.
with veg dishes i use less of the darker spices than with meat ones.
Let the spices fry off but watch out for them burning.
add fresh tomatoes rather than tinned ones for a better texture.
its starting to take shape.
This is a good time to add also add some minced ginger.
the colour mix and gloss (read oil) make it a visual feast.
keep an eye on it to stop it burning.
i usually cover and give it some time on a low heat to cook through, mixing occasionally so it doesn't burn.
added fresh baby spinach leaves.
baby spinach leaves will wilt down very quickly.
no steam pressure cooker required for this recipe.
i fried up some fresh paneer previously.
and mixed that paneer through at the end.
i added some thinly sliced red onion at the end for additional textures and tastes.
Time to eat.

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